Community Partners

Thank You to our Community Partners!

 3E 3E provides school age children with bags of food over weekends and holidays to ensure that they don’t go hungry.  They provide bags for 19 of our students every week.  If you would like to help 3E in their efforts, visit them on their Facebook page. Thank you 3E for your support! 
Silver Creek Rotary Club The Rotary Club is active and doing well at our campus.  They provide our students with leadership skills and community involvement activities.  You can reach them at their Facebook page.
Northland Pioneer College NPC provides our students with opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school with their generous scholarship programs.  Thank you for helping build our student’s futures. Here's a link to their site.
ChangePoint Integrated Health ChangePoint offers focused group sessions to our students, covering topics such as suicide prevention and anger management.  Their service is invaluable to us!  You can reach their site by clicking here.
Navajo County: Provide presentations on a variety of topics to enrich our classes
 Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Provide support to our students transitioning into the workforce.  

Arizona Youth Partnership:  AYP teaches a program on healthy relationships in our Health classes.