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SPED Teacher


Now Hiring: SPED Teacher

Must be ED or Cross Categorical Certified and provide a FPCC

This position provides a blend of services to all SPED students in the school as listed below:

· Team teaches with content-area teachers in the ED-P classroom, monitors students and provides behavioral supports and interventions. 

· Develops and presents curricular units and lessons to students focusing on life skills and College and Career readiness skills. 

· Evaluates students’ progress; maintains positive and well-managed learning environment; serves as a role model and motivator to students.

· Coordinates special education services with the regular school program for each individual with exceptional needs and monitors the implementation of the IEP.

· Provides educational instruction as outlined in the IEP for identified individuals with exceptional needs assigned to the general education classroom

· Provides ongoing educational assessment and diagnosis of students to identify special learning problems, and coordinates the development of individual instructional plans as appropriate for the student identified with special needs.

· Maintains proper control of the class and preserves a suitable learning environment for all students.

· Maintains current records of student attendance, behavior and progress that can be easily understood and readily interpreted by others

· Participates with fellow staff members in the development and implementation of curriculum and instruction and other departmental activities.

· Keeps up to date in the subject area and continually works for the improvement of instructional techniques.

· Supervises the proper use of equipment and facilities with the students’ safety in mind.

· Builds close connections with families and the school community.

· Other duties as assigned

Flexible Scheduling

Medical and dental insurance 


Contact Donna Spires 928-536-4222 x1002 dspires@naacharter.org or Amy Carlyle 928-536-4222 x1001 acarlyle@naacharter.org 

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