Title 1

 Title I dollars can be used to:

  • Provide after-school, summer or intersession programs
  • Train parents, teachers, and other staff
  • Buy equipment and materials
  • Support parent involvement activities
  • Hire teachers, assistants, specialists, etc.

Title I dollars can be used for many parent involvement activities.  Funds can be spent on:

  • Parent meetings and programs on Title I
  • Transportation and childcare for parents to participate
  • Salaries for parent liaisons
  • Parent resource centers in schools
  • Take-home learning activities
  • Parenting programs

Title I schools are required to inform parents by:

  • Holding an annual meeting to explain Title I policy and programs
  • Giving parents up to date academic information about their children in an easy to understand format
  • Offering parents a flexible number of meetings on Title I
  • Involving parents in the decision making process on how parent involvement dollars are spent.