Bus Rules

Students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver, and shall observe established and appropriate standards of classroom behavior and dress while riding a bus. Students shall also observe the following specific standards.

  1. Obey driver’s instructions.
  2. Keep aisles clear.
  3. Remain seated until the scheduled stop.
  4. Keep hands, arms, feet, legs and head inside the bus.
  5. Talk quietly. Do not yell or use vulgar or abusive language.
  6. Keep hands off of others. Be courteous.
  7. Do not throw anything inside the bus or from the bus.
  8. Do not eat or drink unless allowed to do so by the bus driver.
  9. Do not carry skateboards, glass objects, animals, weapons, tobacco, alcohol or drugs on the bus.
  10. Do not play personal music players without headphones.
  11. Sit in assigned seats, if seats are assigned.
  12. Maintain appropriate standards of conduct while traveling to and from school and at the bus stop.
  13. Do not abuse or deface the bus or bus equipment.
  14. Please note: once students are on the bus they can only be let off at school or at their designated stop. They cannot choose to get off the bus wherever they would like.  Special stops must be pre-arranged with the Principal.

Denial of School Bus Service

Bus riding is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate conduct at bus stops, on buses, or in the process of  boarding or disembarking from a bus may result in the denial of bus-riding privileges. When school  bus rules are consistently violated and cause danger to the students or drivers, the student may be denied bus-riding privileges from all buses for an entire school year.